“Are Y’all Taking Applications?”

“Are y’all taking applications?” was the question my husband and I were asked after spending time loving on and ministering to a 24 year old young man at the altar at church last night. He wanted to know if he could apply to be one of our children! Of course we let him know that we are his new “Mama Lott” and “Papa Lott” without hesitation! I don’t know his story. I don’t know what God touched in him as we encouraged him and hugged him. I am glad we lingered a little longer and were able to allow God’s love for him pour through us and into him.
You never know how much hurt and pain individuals are experiencing. Last night two different strong, young, handsome men hugged me – in two different encounters. In each instance they held on tightly, sobbing as my husband and I assured them that God was indeed with them, that He knows where they are and what they are dealing with… and that His love for them is infinite. They cried, bent way down and put their held on my shoulder, and in those moments it was as if they were little boys who just needed hugs and reassurance that everything was going to be okay. I held them tightly (like a mom would) attempting to soothe their pain. We spoke life and hope into them. We comforted them and sent them on their way. But it made me wonder how many more are walking around looking fine on the outside yet hurting on the inside.
Make sure you aren’t too busy or distracted to connect with your divine appointments and connections. People need to know that they matter. Many feel as if they are insiginificant humans and are just going through the motions of life. There are so many opportunities to be used as instruments of grace and peace. Somebody needs your words of encouragement. Be vigilant and be open. It can make a huge impact on someone’s life when you simply slow down and make yourself available. 
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