Who Do You Represent?

I wonder how Jesus feels about some of our social media posts? If our passion sounds like, looks like, has the effect of venom directed towards others, does He feel that we are indeed spreading the light of His love? Are others drawn to Him by our reaction to posts, world events, injustices we see? I’m just saying. Are we using the opportunities that are presented to draw more into His kingdom? Are we validating the excuses that people have for not wanting to be like us, based on what they see or don’t see demonstrated? Do they see any example that they want to follow or any evidence that there is a difference between us and those that don’t know Christ at all? Are they experiencing salt and light? Or are they experiencing vinegar and darkness?

It’s a test, people, and many are flagrantly failing as they exercise their right to voice their opinions freely and without constraint. Are you sifting your responses through Holy Spirit or are you just letting them roll on off your tongue as you pat yourself on the back for being able to make your points so plain and deliver them so powerfully that others can almost physically feel that blow you landed? Pride comes in many forms. That “street credit” that keeps adding up with your like-minded crew does nothing to advance the Kingdom and cannot be cashed in for anything remotely related to the promises that are connected to living a life as a disciple of Christ. The enemy is shrewd. He has already been defeated. Yet he’s sitting back and enjoying the show while some believers make it so easy for his hatred, bitterness, and arrogance to spread. Remember, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Time for a major heartcheck. Time for believers to get back on their posts and shine light into the darkness rather than continuing to add additional layers to the darkness around us.

Some of you are already committing to make adjustments as you read this. I pray that God’s wisdom and direction abound in your lives and that you experience His love on an even greater level. Commit to let YOUR light shine so that HE can get the glory He deserves. The stage has already been set with numerous opportunities to be the ambassador that is needed in this lost and dying world. Don’t miss your opportunities while you focus on articulating and proving your point. You are much better than that!

#NotAboutYou #AllAboutHim #AlwaysOnDuty #Demonstrate #Represent #SaltAndLight #DontBeDupedByYourMisguidedPassion #HeartCheck

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