Encourage Yourself… You GOT This!

That look on your face when your #TwinHeartbeats have moved so slow that you now have to drive them all the way in to school…

Sometimes you just have to be flexible and adjust, adapt, shift in both minor and major situations. Encourage yourself as you ask God to pour out His grace to carry you through. This morning’s situation was minor compared to many of the other things we are walking through in this season, but it was a great opportunity to note a lesson nonetheless.

After getting my #Twinheartbeats up for school, then hurrying to the kitchen to prep the iced coffee, breakfast, lunch, and snacks to go, #TeenSloMo must’ve been on them real heavy this morning, because they were not ready when it was time for Grandpa to take them to catch the bus. As I sat down to wait, I pulled out my phone to take a “That look on your face when…” selfie and the simple reminder, teachable moment was right there for the taking.

No matter how big or small, whether major or minor, navigate your way through the situation determined that it will not rob you of your joy, your peace, or your confidence. Sometimes the smallest hiccups cause major damage if we allow our emotions to dominate and determine our outlook, our disposition, and our response. YOU be the one to call the shots. Encourage yourself as you go. You GOT this! ~ Dr. A


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