Collaboration Not Competition

We are so much better together, aren’t we? I just told someone that it’s time for us all to realize that it’s all about collaboration and not about competition. If we would just support each other and encourage each other to flow in our own unique way, what a difference that would make!
Highway Junctions
As I wrote this, I was thinking that we are often reminded that we have our own lane.  We realize that. BUT if we all stay in our own lane, when our lanes run parallel we can form that much-needed superhighway, reaching and making an impact on so many more individuals with our own unique gifts at appointed times.  Connected, we provide a way that can be used to get from one point to another on their journey of life.  individuals that we serve will need change lanes during their journey through life.  If we are disconnected, it may be difficult for them to smoothly make the needed transition from lane to another.  They could waste a lot of wasted time trying to find the way to that next lane or that next exit, all because in an effort to be territorial, we make sure we distance ourselves from those we view as  competition.
People have different areas that need to be attended to at different times on their journey. They may need what you have in your lane today and what I have in my lane next week.  They may need to exit the highway that we have formed and take a few turns to get on another lane, street, or highway altogether.  Sometimes they are trying to find their way, to see what fits, to see what will work.  Additionally, we must consider the fact that individuals may need a something from each lane they’ve crossed  as they attempt to merge into a different lane.  It is imperative for us to be in place to do what we do best.  We cannot afford to be jealous or try to compete when a person may need to be in another lane next to us or a few lanes over. We may have the same gifting with a different “twist” and that difference may be what is needed at that particular time.
Bot Merge
At the same time, we absolutely realize that there will be times when working together and collaborating, joining forces, and combining areas of expertise are necessary to ultimately meet the needs of those to whom we are called to serve. It does not lessen who you are to step up to the plate without getting all the “credit” for the inception or implementation of a plan or program.  Quite the contrary.  It shows great character, confidence, and responsibility that override the need to be highlighted, celebrated, or promoted as an individual.  Sometimes  lanes have to merge in order to reach a specific destination.  Collaboration is the key.  When we fight the opportunity to work together and unite forces, we selfishly allow our own egos to thwart a potentially powerful demonstration of teamwork and focus aimed at benefitting others.
crowded highway
This “out of the blue” nugget is brought to you as the result of an image of a multilane highway flashed in my mind as I was typing a response to someone!   There are so many people out there in multiple lanes that there is now way that one individual or organization can reach them all.  We are indeed better together and more effective when we acknowledge that it takes all of us to make a difference.  Let’s move forward more determined than ever to be prayerful and be mindful that this journey is not about us.  It is about those to whom we are assigned to impact with the gifts, talents, and anointing that God has placed within and upon us.  As we decrease, allowing Him to increase within us, we will be open and willing to be the instruments He needs us to be, wherever He needs us.  Be open, be flexible, be willing to cooperate, collaborate, and let’s put all of the competition aside.  Besides,  that competitive stance and mindset isn’t productive.  And… it’s not a good look on you!  😎 ~ Coach Audrea
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Audrea Winbush Lott – Life Coach

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