You Are Not Forsaken

As I posted a comment on a friend’s post on social media, it occurred to me that others, (including myself) could benefit from what was shared.  Life happens and sometimes the hurt and the pain seem to be unbearable.  Grief, loss, disappointment and despair can sometimes not only hit but try to overtake us.  It has always been beneficial to me to literally dive into and bury myself in what the Word of God says, finding something that applies to my situation.  I pray that these words will penetrate and ease the pain that you may be experiencing at this moment.  And I hope that you will share this with others who may be in need of comfort, encouragement and hope!

You Are Not Forsaken

Things are coming fast, from the left and from the right… No words can give an acceptable explanation or bring immediate relief to the pain. But we do know that God has not forsaken us. We know that any and everything that happens to us, that occurs in our lives, though a surprise to us, was already written in the book as each day was recorded long before we arrived at those moments. (Psalm 139) We can only bury our head in His chest and allow Him to wrap His huge, comforting arms around us, and rest in the peace that only He can give. Though it may seem our hearts are being ripped from our chest as we receive blow after blow, we have the assurance that He knows exactly how we feel. (Hebrews 4:14-16) May God grant you peace and may you “feel” the prayers of the saints as they go to God on behalf of your hurting, broken heart. (Psalm 34:18)


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