Morning Time! Not just another new song…

In one of my recent Facebook posts I wrote:

So… We are watching the video in service today and enjoying the visuals that we now have to go with the song that was actually birthed in one of our services at Impact Church – Jacksonville – (our pastor is a worshiper and when a song hits his spirit, he just lets it flow) – and as the video is ending, I turn to the lady next to me and laughingly note that Bishop just had to put on that Detroit cap to represent his hometown! Hmmmm… the lady is nodding and crying. I try to figure out if she’s a relative of Bishop who is really happy about what God is doing with that song, or… well, I don’t know what else! She then shows me a picture on her phone of a handsome man in uniform. I nod, now wondering what the story is behind it, if that gentleman is okay, what were these emotions that were evoked by the video… She leans over and says, “He hasn’t been home since last May…” then she says, “And my son plays basketball!”

Wow! The video pretty much mirrored her life. She has a 14 yr old son who plays basketball and she also has an 8 yr old son. The whole family misses that handsome man in uniform. When the announcements were played and there was a special note about Father’s Day, she said she can’t bring her son to church on Father’s Day because he’ll just cry, missing his dad so much. He has even told his teachers at school that he has “Missing Dad Sickness” – having made his own diagnosis. Talk about tugging on my heart! Oh, my goodness!

You just never know. Be sensitive to those around you and don’t just stay wrapped up in your own issues and situation. I hugged her and did my best to comfort her as she cried. The person sitting on the other side of her made sure she had tissue to wipe her tears. Before we parted ways I got her name and the names and ages of her sons. I asked if she had family/support here. She said the military friends and her small group were her support system. My prayer is that this song will continue to minister to her and to others and that this video that now accompanies the song will minister at an even deeper level. As I think of that beautiful young lady’s tears, my mind goes back to the message we received today as Bishop Davis wrapped up the teaching on the The Book of the Revelation… there will be no more tears, no more sadness one day. And even in that day, the bottled up tears related to events and circumstances will no longer have the negative effect on us.

A reminder: When God is prompting you to do something, please remember that it REALLY is NOT about YOU!! There are others waiting on the other side of your obedience. Excuses and rationalizing can cause us to miss opportunities to be those instruments that we claim we want to be. We will probably never know how many other people’s lives are being blessed by Bishop George Davis‘s obedience in pressing in and getting that music project completed. But we do know that one young family’s hope and expectation has been stirred up as this wife and mother awaits the manifestation of her Morning Time, having already received it and claimed that Morning Time has come! ‪#‎GodOnDisplay‬ ‪#‎NotAboutUs‬ George Davis Ministries

Now that you’ve read the post, make sure that you take few minutes to view this video.  The message is simple and powerful at the same time.  No matter what it is you are dealing with, know that joy comes in the morning and… Morning Time has come so welcome to the morning!

Blessings to you! ~ Audrea

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