Who Will BE the Difference?

I wonder how many awesome experiences, relationships, and mutually beneficial alliances we miss out on simply because of our preconceived notions about “those people are…” and “all of them are…” and “they are trying to take over our…” among other often used phrases. And I wonder how many Christians are going to be real surprised when they get to heaven and realize that they missed out on a lot of things because of the walls they had built up in their lives. How dare we say and do some of the things that we say and do concerning others.

Who decided what ethnic group, what socioeconomic group, what race they would be born into? How dare we write someone off simply because they are not like us. How can we make huge generalizations and by doing so cut off opportunities to be a light and sometimes receive light from someone else? Wow… I’m sure the Father grieves over the things we do and say without even thinking. Am I throwing stones at anyone? No. Not at all. We all must do better. Fear and ignorance… bad experiences and friend/family influence… miseducation — all contributing factors.

I dare you to choose to see things differently. So many people are killing themselves because of the deep-seated anger and hatred that seethes within them. Hurting others but hurting themselves at the same time. There has got to be a difference. Someone has to be bold enough to stand up and BE the difference. #NotAboutMe #NotAboutYou

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