There are times when it seems that though you know you are on the right path, in your own lane, and going in the right direction, it FEELS like you are getting nowhere.  People pass you on the left and the right and you even feel the “tailwind” of their seemingly supersonic speed compared to your slow but steady pace.  Once you have checked yourself, made sure you are in the right position, and have gotten your bearings straight – once again – you have no choice but to keep moving in the right direction knowing that the desired destination is indeed in front of you.  When a plane is in flight, the pilot has to check with the control tower, communicate with the air traffic controllers, has to send out signals so that the tower knows where that plane is when it is in flight.  The pilot is also able to seek assistance, advice, and direction during that flight.  Once things are set in place and the pilot is secure in the flight pattern, a switch can be made to autopilot, taking a lot of stress and work off of the shoulders of the pilot and copilot.

We are not navigating the airways or even trying to make sure we are on the right interstate and making the right connections – in the natural.  But spiritually speaking, we are indeed navigating our way through life, dealing with unexpected turbulence, learning how to develop patience during delays and cancellations, and trying to understand what is going on when the route is being recalculated for any given reason.  We often never know the reason for the redirection, the recalculation of the route, or the delay or change in plans. Our trust has to be based on the relationship we have with The Ultimate Navigator as we strengthen our relationship with the Father, allowing Holy Spirit to help us navigate our way through the bumps, twists, turns, repairs, and rerouting episodes.  We have to communicate and connect with our source of help and assistance just as a pilot communicates with those in place to assist those flying the plane.

We have a choice.  We can lose control, get discouraged, and give up.   We can continue the course and murmur, complain, cry, and whine as we go.  Or we can choose to put our total trust, reliance, and expectation in the proper place, knowing that resting in God and God alone we will safely reach the good and expected end that God has already laid out for our lives.  I don’t know about you, but I have chosen to switch to “autopilot” myself.  That does not mean that I am going to be clueless or mindless, not actively engaged in what is going on in my life.  Instead, it means that I am going to allow Holy Spirit to continually lead, guide, direct… when necessary to calm, soothe, and comfort… and ultimately to give me the much needed wisdom needed every step of the way no matter what I face or encounter along the way.  What about you?  Are you ready to switch to autopilot?  I challenge you to do so!   That way, though you may be passed on the left, somebody may whiz by you on the right, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you WILL reach your destination.

Utilize the tools in place to assist you, trust the direction and wisdom given to you, then become more determined than every to soar to your destination!  #Autopilot #TimeToSoar

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