There IS Only One You!

Unique… one of a kind… fashioned for a purpose… designed with precision… fashioned, formed, fit for the plan, the map, the journey that is for you alone. Embrace who you are. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. We have different roles, different audiences, different gifts, talents, and abilities that are in place so that we can be effective as we walk through our lives. The bumps, the bruises, the setbacks don’t take us out; they make us stronger because we choose to allow that to be the case.

Be encouraged! I am. I was reminded of some of these things tonight… You know, the encouragers need encouragement, too, and God confirmed, affirmed, and gave me the extra nudge I needed tonight.  My pastor ministered to the graduating class from our Leadership Training Center and I was soaking it all up like a sponge. I’m more determined than ever to keep being me, keep doing what I do, and keep encouraging others to do the same. Be who GOD created you to be and find your fulfillment as you walk out your purpose!  There IS only one you!

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