Invisible. You know you aren’t invisible, but sometimes you may feel that way. Those experiences can take you to a place that you do NOT want to go, if you let them. You can self-check and imagine things that are not there, you can discount your worth based on the fact that others don’t seem to think you are important or even warrant acknowledgement of your presence… OR you can use that time to self-reflect, dig in for some special time with the Father, and have some supernatural fellowship right in the middle of the workplace, school, or family situation that you find yourself in at the time.

I have found myself in a situation like that recently, and initially I felt “some kinda way” about being seemingly ignored. People were talking, laughing, interacting all around me daily, yet nobody was saying anything to me. One thing that I had to realize was that everybody isn’t wired like me. People aren’t always sensitive to how another person may perceive a given situation. They may not venture out of their comfort zone of the company to which they are accustomed in order to make sure that someone else is okay. So be it.

I got over myself, put my little tired feelings down and realized that perhaps this was an ideal setup. I have been given the opportunity to go beyond my own comfort zone, making sure that I speak to people on purpose, greet them pleasantly even when they want to scowl, and keep it moving. I have taken advantage of the “quiet time” in the midst of the office and have begun to organize some things, have some really detailed “Father and me” time – in the middle of MUCH noise – and be more productive than I would be if I were in the environment to which I am accustomed. I had to stretch. It wasn’t about me. I had to put pride down. It wasn’t about me. I had to step back and take another assessment of the situation and realize that it wasn’t about me.  In the midst of me changing my mindset, I have been able to connect with a couple of people who didn’t seem bound by just doing things the way they have always been done.  That has been refreshing.

As I wait for some things to get sorted out, for my permanent job situation to be decided, I will take advantage of a more calm environment… going home without headaches and various pains associated with bouncing around a classroom, and be grateful to have the energy and mindset to focus on other things when I get home. Who knows what awaits me? Choosing to see things positively as opposed to focusing on the negative things that seemed to loom initially, has caused me to have a more optimistic outlook and to actually, relax and enjoy the ride.

Invisible? Nope. I am blessed beyond measure and turning an uncomfortable, awkward period of time into an awesome time of anticipation and expectation. Are you feeling invisible right about now? Change your outlook and your expectation. You may be surprised to discover you are really in a good place. Take advantage of it and grow in grace and be at peace. And remember this, though we may seem “invisible” to others, we are never invisible to God. He sees, He knows… and He already knew. I think He wants us to realize that He is there ready to talk to us about our situation and so much more!

Invisible? Nope! God sees me!  And guess what?  He sees you, too!

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