Learn the Lessons… Then Get Up and Go!

That latest blow that took you by surprise…  Don’t let it take you under.  Though situations may send us reeling and we may almost lose our balance, our challenge is to get steady on our feet, take the necessary time to regroup after taking that deep breath, letting it out slowly, pray to the Father for guidance/assistance/direction, and then become more determined than ever to push forward and march on in and towards our victory.  We can’t fool ourselves, though.  If we keep facing the same types of problems over and over again, we have to be honest and see if there is a lesson in it that we haven’t quite learned.  The fact is, if that’s the case, we’ll continue to face those issues until we pass the test.  Sometimes the lessons are hard.  Sometimes it seems that the lessons aren’t fair. Sometimes it seems like your solution or reaction is the correct one and you shouldn’t be facing this over and over again.  Be honest with yourself.  Take time to pray to and listen for God’s direction.  He knows what He has in store for you once you jump this hurdle.  It’s all a part of the process.  Go with the flow… learn and grow… then get up and GO!

2 thoughts on “Learn the Lessons… Then Get Up and Go!

  1. Thanks! Great words of encouragement! I was given some combination punches this week. I felt as if I was going to be out for the count but I continued to fight by faith and remind myself that I was born to win! I’m still standing and going with the flow.

    • You are on the front line and the enemy targets individuals like you on purpose. He’ll try to take you out not only to try to kill, steal, and destroy things in your life, but also because he knows that you have such a large sphere of influence that it will have a trickle effect. As you move ahead, pulling others, pushing others, prodding others to their destinies of greatness and purpose, you deal heavy blows to the enemy’s plans. Little does he realize that the more he tries to throw the punches, the more determined you are to fight and move forward; and even in the tough times, the hard times, the trying times, God gets the glory all the more because His praise is still in your mouth, His plans for you are still in full effect, and His purpose for you is as it was before the very foundations of the world! Ha! This just helps you trust in, rely on, and stand on the promises of God even more! He will make good on His promises for HIS name’s sake! He’s not going to leave you out there hanging. Flip the script on the enemy and let those punches become fuel to that fire that burns within, compelling you to press on knowing that the victory is already yours! Be encouraged!

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