Plans Change

So… I had all of these plans together about how I was going out with a bang on this last week of the fast. This week we are still drinking liquids during the day and not eating solid food until later… First week it was 3:00pm, last week it was 5:00pm, and this week it’s 7:00pm. It’s been going great and one of the best parts of it all is the fact that since you have ALL day to think about what you are going to eat, you take great pains to make sure it is not just something to ward off the hunger pangs.  You want to make it good and healthy and tasty!  In a regimen like this, your flesh — mind/will/emotions — have to take a back seat as you take charge, pray more, commune more with God, and strive towards that balance between Spirit/Soul/Body.

I wanted to step up my physical exercise game this week as the discipline and demands of our corporate fast increased. I thought I had all of my hindrances addressed, all of my ducks in a row,  and was ready to go. I had plans.  Last week, the twins FINALLY completed their orientation of the cardio equipment at the YMCA, after a couple of delays, so we had our workout plans mapped out around our busy schedules. Tuesdays are always out, so this week was supposed to be Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and I was SO looking forward to getting to the gym today. Well… I stopped by the store this morning to get me some fruit for my smoothies, ALMOST fell — TWICE — and in the process a pulled a muscle in my hamstring and it feels like somebody kicked me in my behind, as well. UGH!!! It’s challenging just sitting down and getting up, so cannot even imagine going my normal self-made circuit of the cardio equipment.

Plans are made… plans have to change sometimes… everything will be alright. Glad God looks on the thoughts and intents of the heart… sure wish I had been wearing sneakers instead of those shoes I was wearing… darned slippery floor… they weren’t even cute shoes… wonder if it would have hurt less had I just let myself fall… at least I know that I have great reflexes and good balance… my behind still hurts… shaking my head, laughing at myself, grateful for the journey as I enjoy every phase along the way!  Plans are made… plans have to change sometimes.  Ha!  God already knew, so I need to chill, go with the flow, and flip the script by turning the whole thing into something positive.  Wait a minute!  I just did!  Hope my story has blessed and encouraged you!  Plans change!

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