Making the Tough, Trying Times Work In Your Favor

When those curves are thrown at you, when you have to regroup, readjust, and sometimes resuscitate yourself after the wind gets knocked out of you by that unexpected blow, you find that you have been set up for something that is beyond what is actually going on around you.  What do I mean?  It’s in the hard times, the tough times, the trying times, the times you wish that you could fast-forward through — these are the times that you find out what is really in you.  You find out whether your foundation is solid or shaky, firm or like quicksand…  You get to see whether your foundation will hold you up or suck you in.  Even if you find that you aren’t as prepped and ready as you should be or thought you were, one sure way to flip the script on the enemy is to on purpose use those times to grow.  You can allow yourself to let your roots grow deep to secure yourself.  Anchor yourself, your soul, and your expectations in the promises and truths that God’s Word holds for those who dare to believe.  These are the times when truly what was meant to kill you, to take you out, and to disqualify you from the game can actually be the very thing, the very situation, the very issue that can catapult you to levels you never thought you’d reach.  The times in my life when it seemed so dark that I could not see anything that looked like possibilities or probabilities were the times that I grew the most.  I had no choice.  It was either grow in faith, learn to trust the God about whom I’d heard, read about, sung about, and prayed to or I could succumb to the circumstances that life was handing me.  I found Him to be a deliverer, a healer, a restorer, a shelter, a comforter, and a sustainer — just to name a few of the attributes or characteristics that He made real to me in my situations.  No matter what it is that you are facing, hold your head up, look up, give up your own selfish way of viewing and reacting to things, and inquire of Him.  He knows where you are and what you are dealing with.  He has the answers.  He’ll help you go and grow.  And you will be better as a result of it all.  Now, if you aren’t tired yet, keep on trying to make things happen on you own.  As for me, I’ve already raised my hands, yielded my will to His will, invited Him into my situations, and stepped aside, relinquished control, and allowed Him to take His rightful place in my life and my concerns.  Is there anybody out there who is with me?  Blessings to you!


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