Lessons on Life’s Journey

Life is quite a journey!  When the unexpected shows up in your life, don’t panic.  Step back, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and begin to regroup.  We often go into panic mode or gravitate towards “knee jerk” reactions.  These are the kinds of reactions that can often lead us to a place of regret.  We cannot click “rewind” and get a “do over” to make it right.  We must often dig deep, pull up we know in order to override our tendency to go with our emotional response.  In an instant, things can be made even worse and the consequences can be great and long-term.  Wow!  What a responsibility we have as those who are called to be the light to others… The mentors, the role models, the teachers, the instructors, the leaders…  But God’s grace is there to help us when those situations arise.  There are times when you may even feel like you are watching a scene unfold rather than actually being one of the active participants; those times when you know that your gut reaction, your emotional response would have been something totally opposite what actually came out of your mouth!  Now, THAT’S when you can begin to see your growth, your change, your maturity. Then there are times when we blow it.  One of the greatest things that we can do when that happens is to admit it, make adjustments, learn from it and go on.  Other people learn from those moments, too.  Make them teachable moments for yourself and others.  Always remember, this life journey that we find ourselves on is one full of experiences that can challenge us, stretch us, and make us stronger, wiser… better.  Keep living and keep learning.  Enjoy your journey!

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