Stop Selling Yourself Short!

It may seem, at times, that progress is slow when you are attempting to accomplish goals.  We are often so busy multi-tasking that we don’t realize that we are in fact making great strides towards the goals we have made.  I was, as they say, “feeling some kinda way” this evening, as I looked up and saw what time it was, knowing that I had a long list of things that were on the “to do” list that would not even get touched on this day.  But as I stepped back and looked at what I’d done today, I saw things a bit differently.  Let’s see…

I popped up early this morning went to the computer and made and posted a video clip on my YouTube channel, went to the gym and had a great workout, made it back home and prepared breakfast for my granddaughters before they headed out for a class at church… went and did major shopping at the discount warehouse with my husband, swung back by the church to pick up the twins, made it home, put groceries away, prepared some food for the week (the basics so all I have to do is add the veggies)… completed two discussion questions for my coaching class, put the food away… and now I’m sitting at Books-A-Million getting ready to knock out an essay while the twins enjoy spending time in their favorite store!  Whew!  Makes me tired just looking at all of that.  

My point?  Sometimes, though we may not complete certain tasks or make the strides that we hoped we would, we often have done much more than we realize.  Stop selling yourself short.  Do what you can and do it to the best of your ability.  Do your best and then you rest.  There are only so many hours in a day.  Use them wisely and be grateful for what you are able to do.  Thank God for what you get done and thank Him for continued grace to get the rest of it done!

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