Private Collection

Sometimes I miss my mom so much that I just want to have something tangible to remind me of her, to make me feel close to her, and to help me to reflect on some of the best times of her just being present in my life. After almost 20 years, the Estée Lauder Private Collection fragrance still reminds me of her soft, gentle nature, her nurturing and kind disposition. When she passed away, she had some dusting powder that I was so happy to snag and take with me. It was like having her fragrance with me every single day. I used it, stretching it as much as I could until the box was depleted. I remember being so disappointed when I decided to try and order some more only to find that it has been discontinued.

The other day, as I was sorting through some things, I ran across several items that belonged to her. I guess it triggered that memory about the dusting powder. I went and dug out that special box and quickly opened it. I took in a long, deep breath. Ahhhhh… It was like having her near me once again. Of course, that sent me on a desperate online search to see if anybody, anywhere had that wonderful dusting powder available. I could find the fragrance everywhere, but no answers for the powder.

I will continue to search every now and then. Somewhere there is a grandmother or great-grandmother with an unused stash and their children or grandchildren will offer it online for purchase. In the meantime, I will open my “box of memories” from time to time, inhale deeply, and allow my mind to reach back and remember, embrace, and appreciate experiences from times past.

Isn’t it amazing how we are wired? Sounds, fragrances, pictures can transport us through a portal in our minds and bring smiles to our faces, evoke sighs from our souls, and help us to keep those good, warm memories alive. We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. What complex beings we are! As I choose to be thankful and grateful for the awesome mother that God gave me, using the vehicle of this fragrance to cause the senses, the memories, and the emotions to intertwine is truly amazing. It is often the unexpected things that pleasantly surprise us and cause us to pause and take note of the uniqueness of what we experience.

This fragrance which was initially unavailable to the public when it was originally created, is still so powerful and popular after all these years. From the reviews I have read, the current fragrance that is available is not quite the same as the original formula. You have to go for the vintage formula. Estée oversaw the creation of the original Private Collection for herself and close friends. Her granddaughter has worked on creating the more recent version. At any rate, if you happen to stumble across some of this rare, vintage powder please send me the info! Thanks in advance!

Before I forget it, please contact me if you should run across som of that body powder for a reasonable price! Somebody out there has some waiting just for me!

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