Don’t Quit!

Whatever you do… DON’T QUIT!!!


If you are your ONLY cheerleader, be the BEST cheerleader and make sure that you encourage YOURSELF so that you will be fully persuaded that QUIT is NOT an option for you!  Often, others don’t know how to encourage you.  Some may have grown up in an environment where encouragement was not something that was observed or experienced. Still others may have experienced more negative verbiage thrown at them and they have a difficult processing and embracing positive messages being given to them in an attempt to help them.

Whatever the category that you may find yourself in, do what you need to to change your outlook, your way of thinking, your view of yourself, and your expectation of the outcome of the situation you find yourself in.  Continue to set and make strides towards your goals, your visions, and your aspirations.  If you have to stand in front of the mirror every day and be your own cheerleader, inspirational and motivational speaker, and coach — do it!

WhatEVER you do… DON’T QUIT!  Remember, “Quit” is not a part of who YOU are!

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