You Just Never Know

Often we experience situations that take us for a loop, as they say.  During the situation, we may think that there is nothing good that can come of it and the best thing we can do is to simply try to survive and make it through.   Those very situations, experiences, and circumstances are often the fuel that is added to the fire, making us more determined than ever to press on, press through, and break through the wall that seems to be in front of us.  Even then, we cannot fathom how our calamities, our close calls, our brushes with disappointment and despair could possibly be of any good use to anyone, including ourselves.  That’s where we need to change our perspective.

The very things that caused me to stretch in faith more than ever, to choose to be optimistic when reality all around me dictated otherwise, and to continue to open my mouth and declare that my expectation was that God would rescue, deliver, and protect…  Those situations are the ones I look back at and know without a shadow of a doubt that the SAME God who did what He did then will do what needs to be done in my current situation.  Those very instances when my back was against the wall, when the report was full of doom and gloom, and when it seemed that the enemy himself was trying to taunt me… those are the situations that compel me and encourage me to fight on knowing that God and I have a great track record together.  My job is to keep moving, keep trusting, and keep declaring with expectation that He will bring me up, bring me out, take me over, forge me through, fly me up — whatever it is that needs to be done, He’ll get it done for me, for HIS name’s sake!  

Since I have such a big mouth and love to boast about my God and His exploits, those same situations that were intended by the enemy to embarrass, condemn, disqualify, eliminate, and discredit me are the very ones that I talk about and share just to encourage others.  God is indeed no respecter of persons.  He desires to get the glory out of our lives.  The things that many tend to keep to themselves are the very stories and testimonies of how He delivered and set us free are the ones that others need to hear.  They will be able to overcome the lies that the enemy is trying to feed them.  They are not alone.  They are not the only ones who have experienced those things.  They will make it through.  They are not disqualified. God has not forgotten about them.  You need to tell your story.  You may help somebody “see” victory in the midst of their storm.  You just never know!  

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