You’d Better Tell Somebody

It is amazing to see how a person’s life is impacted when someone communicates love, appreciation, or esteem to them, especially when it is unexpected.  We often neglect to let others know how much they mean to us, how much we love them, or how much we admire them.  I witnessed an event this weekend where a young man was floored by the outpouring of love that was demonstrated, the words of high esteem that were spoken, and the encouragement to continue being the awesome guy that he is – a message that was repeated over and over again.

Some people had driven four and half to five hours for a birthday gathering, to surprise him.  Many, if not most of them, were headed back to their homes immediately after the gathering.  But just the fact that they came, that they cared enough, that they sacrificed their free day to come and collectively make a statement was awesome to see.

That young husband and father now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he matters, that what he does matters, and that his hard work and diligence to care for his wife and family are not going unnoticed.  No longer will the enemy be able to effectively persuade him to think that he is not making a difference in the lives of many.  He admitted that though he’d figured out that his wife was up to something and he didn’t want all of the fuss to be made for his birthday, he had no idea that people were coming to celebrate with him whom he had not seen in years.  He said that he doesn’t tear up often, but this got to him.  Everyone from coworkers, to mentors, to his own mother and father had nothing but good things to say about and to him.  I believe that the events this weekend have given him the much needed extra wind in his sail to help him keep navigating his path, knowing that things will change, things will get better, and his work and labor are not in vain.  He knew that it was God’s way of letting him know that he should keep pushing forward not allow discouragement and weariness with the situation(s) overwhelm or overcome him.

We don’t have to wait until a special occasion to tell someone we care.  Sometimes we take it for granted that they know.  We shouldn’t assume that they know, we should tell them.  Often, it is just what they need to keep going.  It can refuel that zeal and excitement for the task, the job, or the responsibilities.  Be that person to bring a smile to someone else today.  Let them know how much they mean to you.  Let someone know that what they are doing is not going unnoticed.  Let them know that they are not being taken for granted.  One of the biggest regrets people often have is that they didn’t let somebody know that they cared and they will never have the opportunity to do so again.  Nobody likes to live with those kinds of regrets.  Yes… you’d better tell somebody.  Now.


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