Relax and Regroup

One day I had struggled all day to get a particular piece of technology working properly. I even read the directions!! (That’s rare!) Nothing was working. Uninstalling and re-installing the software, turning the computer off and on, turning the printer/scanner off and on, going online for help… NOTHING WORKED! After missing a couple of deadlines, I still plugged away at it. I knew there had to be an answer. Isn’t it amazing when you find out the God cares, really is concerned about the little stuff as much as the big stuff? I opened up another file, found the hardware, and in no time at all was able to get the test run to work. Wow!!! Don’t give up, no matter how it may seem to you. There is an answer. There is a solution. It is not always the most obvious or the most logical. Sometimes it isn’t even something that anyone knows to suggest to you. Just trust and know that God has all the answers for every area of your life. The enemy lost this time because I didn’t lose it! I had already contacted the person to whom I was trying to send info and let her knew that somehow she’ll get it tomorrow, even if I have to go and buy another device! No new device needed and the mission will be accomplished.  Guess the enemy realized then that his weapon wasn’t working and wasn’t going to work. Take heed… Take a deep breath… let it out slowly… relax and regroup.

#lifelesson   #teachablemoment   #enjoyingMYfaithwalk

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