Get Your Momentum Back!

Whatever you do, don’t give up on your goal. It may take more time to get there than you ever imagined… There may be more things that pop up to deter you or throw you off track – not always bad things, but sometimes it’s just “life happens” kinda stuff – but you must be determined to finish and finish strong. Renew your mind daily and remind yourself of how awesome you are in the sight of God. He knows the struggle and He knows all about the distractions. But He also knows that He didn’t put “QUIT” in you; and if there is evidence of that trait trying to take residence in you, then it’s time for an EVICTION! No… He put CONQUEROR and OVERCOMER in you! Get that spirit man to GET UP, STAND UP, and RISE UP and cause you to DOMINATE in this area.

Pump that spirit man up with the Word of God, feeding it the untainted, unmodified truth. Get that soul to line up with what the Word of God says, washing away doubt, unbelief, and wrong thinking so that it can be renewed; then your will and emotions will have parameters/boundaries in place so they won’t venture off in the wrong direction. Finally, get that body to line up and get busy, working with that soul and that spirit and march on to your victory.

Whatever it is that you are dealing with, the Word of God says that our Father cares about EVERYTHING that concerns us. Don’t let the enemy trick you (remember to renew your mind) into thinking that where you are in your situation is not even on His radar. Ha! You ARE the apple of His eye, engraved in the palm of His hand, and He is thinking about you CONSTANTLY! Yep! Time prep for victory! You WILL succeed! You ARE victorious! Now… get that momentum going and be determined to finish STRONG!!! ~Coach Audrea

(This was taken from a status update on the Psalm 139 Woman – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Divas of Fitness page on Facebook.  As I wrote I realized that this can (and should) be applied to any and every area of our lives.  Challenges come, but we were empowered to overcome.  Be encouraged!)

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